Posted by: Veroni Kruger | April 12, 2009

How I know He rose from the dead

Jesus Christus het waarlik opgestaan! By die getuienis van die Bybel en buite-Bybelse dokumente lyk dit my die volgende feite bevestig die waarheid dat Hy opgestaan het uit die dood.

1. Die Kerk wat ontstaan het as gevolg van sy opstanding hou na tweeduisend jaar nog aan om te groei, ten spyte van geweldige en gewelddadige teestand. Trouens, hoe feller die teestand, hoe lewenskragtiger is die Kerk

2. Die Boek wat oor Hom geskryf is, is vandag nog ‘n gunsteling, ten spyte van al die baie pogings om dit te vernietig. Die Bybel is al in meer tale vertaal as enige ander boek, en word deur meer mense gekoop as enige ander boek.

3. Miljoene mense regoor die wêreld getuig dat Hy leef. Dit nie op grond van weerlegbare of aanvegbare “bewyse” nie, maar op grond van’n persoonlike ondervinding van sy lewe in hulle. “Ek weet dat Hy leef, want ek het vanmore met Hom gepraat” is wat baie mense sê.

4. Selfs die mense wat Hom verwerp, kan nie van Hom loskom nie. Elke keer at iemand sy Naam ydellik gebruik, bely hulle dat Hy ‘n werklikheid is, al is dit een waarvan hulle nie hou nie, of probeer ontken. Hoekom sê mense nie “Barak Obama!’ of “Jacob Zuma!” nie? Ek wil beweer dit is omdat Jesus Christus die groter werklikheid is.

Jesus Christ has risen indeed! Apart from the witness of the Bible as well as other documents, I believe the following facts confirm the truth that He rose from the dead.

1. The Church that came into existence as a result of his resurrection continues to grow after two thousand years, in spite of tremendous and sometimes even violent resistance. In fact, the more hostile the environment, the more vigorously it grows.

2. The Book that was written about Him, is still a bestseller, in spite of countless attempts to destroy it. The Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book, and is bought by more people than any other book.

3. Millions of people all over the world declare that He is alive. They do not base this on “evidence” that can be questioned or challenged, but on personal experience of his life in them. “I know He is alive, because I spoke to Him this morning”, is what many people say.

4. Even those who reject Him cannot forget Him. Every time they use his name in profanity, they are confessing that he is a reality, albeit one they do not like, or whose existence they try to deny. Why don’t they say “Barak Obama!”, or “Jacob Zuma!”? I think it is because Jesus Christ is the greater reality.



  1. I hope this is the beginning of many serious writings. You have the talent for stating what people usually consider to be complicated, in simple, bite-size terms. The Gospel message is actually very simple – and I think it is its very simplicity that causes man to flounder, as such a topic ‘cannot possibly be so simple AND true’.


  2. I recently read John Stott’s latest work, The Living Church, Inter-vasity Press, Nottingham, England, 2007″ p40: “No book, not even by Marx and his followers, is more scathing of empty religion than the Bible. The prophets of the eighth and seventh century BC were outspoken in their denunciation of formalism and hypocrisy of Israelite worship. Jesus then applied their critique to the Pharisees of his day:: ‘These people…honour me with their lips but their hearts are far from me’ (Is 29.13; Mk 7.6.) And this indictment of religion by the Old Testament prophets and by Jesus is uncomfortably applicable to us and some of our churches today. Too much of our worship is ritual without reality, form without power, fun without fear, religion without God.”


  3. The question is; has He risen in me and am I a part of His body (Col 1:24 Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church:)


    • Thank you for this comment. You’re right – the ultimate proof in a subjective sense of the resurrection is in the personal experience and testimony of every believer.


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