Posted by: Veroni Kruger | August 17, 2011

Fifty-Seven Years of Grace and Love

Fifty-seven years ago, to the day, I knelt by my bedside at my mother’s knee, and gave my heart to Jesus. There is no other way than this personal, subjective expression, to describe what I felt at that time.

It was already bedtime. My brother had started talking to me about heaven, and when he saw I was deeply moved, he called our mother to our room. She explained to me how one could become a child of God. When I committed myself to doing that, she prayed with me. John 1.12 was the verse of Scripture she referred to. It was also the verse she wrote out in full on the title page of my Bible. It was a great comfort to me on days when I doubted the validity of what happened that night.

What have I learned in these 57 years? Too much to write down briefly, but here are some things that are most prominent in my mind as I think back over the years.

I learned about the theological foundation for regeneration much later. One thing is for sure, though, that the experience of 57 years has confirmed to me that one can be born again at a very young age – I was six at the time. There is no doubt in my mind that my life as a child of God began that night in Kimberley, South Africa, with a simple confession of my sins, and a prayer of commitment to the Lord.

I learned that God is faithful, even when He does not seem to be. Once again, I know it is a theological fact, but I am grateful to say that I have learned it in a very personal, subjective manner. Through everything that life has brought me, both good and bad, I can state with confidence; God has never let me down.

I have come to know that the Lord shares every experience of our lives with us, from extremely good to extremely difficult; when we are at our best, and when we are at our worst; when others disappoint us, and when they prove to be faithful – He is always there!

I have learned that He is truly all-sufficient. He is like the warming sun on a cold day, like a shading cloud on a hot day; He is the fountain of inspiration, but also the still waters of rest. He is the constant companion under all circumstances.

I have learned that the Word of God, as it come to us through the Bible and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is what strengthens us in our walk with God. A healthy diet of Bible reading, trusting the Holy Spirit to help me see the relevance to my life of what I read, has been the mainstay of my life. Sensitivity to the leading of the holy Spirit has made the difference between those times when I have floundered along, and when I have lived effectively. Of course, even then I often blundered. but I always felt I was “blundering on to victory,” as someone said.

This has been the only way I could be practical about the facts of life and yet live out the mystical elements of our faith.

Today I celebrate 57 years of life under the grace and love of the One who is our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I praise God for this privilege, and I pray that many will find Him who alone is able to fill the vacuum in their lives, and bring the fulfillment we all seek.



  1. Dankie Pappie, dis kosbare gedagtes!


    • Dankie, Sorrietjie. Jou kommentaar beteken vir my baie.



  2. Yes, Véroni – and you have instilled all of those values in those around you with varying degrees of success. I am still ‘blundering on to victory’ but I at least have been privileged to work side-by-side with you either literally or virtually. I have, on occasion, experienced what the Holy Spirit said over cyberspace. By Dalene Breytenbach


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