Posted by: Veroni Kruger | January 29, 2014

Big Bang, Black hole, Biggest Blunder?

There is something poetically (maybe tragically?) intriguing in Stephen Hawking’s recent statement about his supposed big mistake.  According to the website New Scientist*, Hawkings said his “biggest blunder” was his idea that information was destroyed by black holes.  He was referring to 1974, when he added quantum mechanics to the theory of black holes, and arrived at the conclusion that he now says was his biggest blunder.  Turning 70 now, it has taken him 40 years and a bet with another physicist to discover his mistake.  He has now come to believe that light and information may be able to escape from black holes.

Speaking of blunders.  How about this one?  “The universe can create itself out of nothing, and God is no longer necessary.” (The same highly intelligent Stephen Hawking, in The Grand Design, his recently published book with coauthor Leonard Mlodinow,)  (As an aside:  “God is no longer necessary”?  Do I perceive a faint glimmer of faith in the past?)

Now that sounds like a real black hole to me.  Firstly in the simple illogicality of it all. Secondly, in the pathetic reasoning of nothing creating itself (still nothing?) out of nothing.  Come on!  Let’s get real!

My three-year old granddaughter would ask “Where did the ‘nothing’ come from”?  Even she would know that nothing plus nothing cannot equal something, as zero times zero cannot equal everything.  That is, except if there were Somebody doing something extraordinary to create something out of nothing.

There is no doubt that Hawking is a brilliant scientist.  I have to add that I admire him for admitting his mistake.  Nevertheless, looking over his comments, I cannot help but think it must be awfully hard to persuade oneself that God does not exist!

Then again, it may be quite simple.    There are none so blind as those who do not want to see.  You just decide that, whatever common sense tells you, whatever you see around you, whatever … you will not believe.  Now that is a black hole!

So now Mr Hawking believes that light and information may be able to escape from black holes.  There is that poetic thing again: One thing is for sure, and that is light and information can penetrate any black hole of man’s imagination or disbelief.  The light that illuminates every person came into the world, and the power of darkness could not overpower it (John 1).  The information of the Word of God and the light of the Person of Jesus Christ can bring light where there is darkness.

According to my sources, Hawking finds the solution to the mystery of black holes in giving up the very thing that makes them so mysterious. That is, the idea of an “event horizon.”  That is, again, not any old horizon, but the “apparent horizon.”  The solution to the black hole of ignorance and disbelief lies in giving up the “mystery” of it all.  Allow the Lord to illuminate your mind and see what happens to the darkness around you.  Forget about the “apparent horizons” of man’s imagination, and focus on the reality of the God who created everything around you.  Like I said above:  Come on!  Let’s get real!

Here is a challenge, no, rather an invitation, to everyone who is struggling to cope with the black holes:  Try Jesus with an open mind, invite Him to illuminate you, and see what happens.

But Stephen Hawking …?  Well, you know, he might change his mind again after some years, and maybe another bet.  On the other hand, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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  1. It is so much easier to see the light than seeing the darkness.Even Gen 1 talks about the beginning when there was nothing,God separated the light from the darkness after he commanded :”Let there be light”.
    Unbelieving scientists might save years on their research if only they use the Bible as text book first. Pray Stephen will see the LIGHT.
    Thanks Veroni


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