Posted by: Veroni Kruger | March 13, 2016

Ridding Our Minds of Baggage

From last week’s blog:

Among the practical suggestions on how to win the battle for our minds, I mentioned that we should recognize interference and deal with it. I mentioned as interferences: disappointments, hurts, failures, etc.

By interferences I meant things that might affect our progress towards getting our minds into line with the thoughts of God, rather than the worldly thoughts that keep us from enjoying the riches God has for us. They often withold us from thinking clearly.

How do I deal with interferences?

Acknowledge them

Each of us has a history that is, unfortunately, not all pleasant. We have to deal with them in order to remove them from our path towards freedom to think the thoughts of God. A first step towards dealing with these, is acknowledging them. Too often we are told to just deny them “in faith.” After all, Jesus has made all things new, not so? This is not to deny that truth, but to say that our brains are said never to forget anything. We do not need to fear anything, least of all events from our past. Acknowledging them robs them of a large part of their power over us.

Analyse them as clearly as you can

It is very helpful for me personally to visualise putting whatever I have identified as an issue on the table and to study it from all angles. Yes, it is often hurtful but that only shows how necessary it is to deal with it. The more we can understand what it is that is bothering us, the better we can deal with it.

Allow the light of the Word of God to shine on the issue    

Next, visualise the light that comes from the Word of God to illuminating the issue. The Bible contains something on everything humans can experience: Hurts, failures, disappointments … as well as advice on how to deal with them. Not all of this is easy to accept, like the advice to freely forgive whoever has wronged us.

Commit it all to forgetfulness

Visualize throwing the whole thing in the trash can in the Name of the Lord Jesus. He is the expert in doing this (see what He does with our confessed sins), so He is a powerful partner in this step.

Repeat these steps until the issues become harmless history

It is often like peeling an onion, where you may think you are done with something, only to discover new aspects that need to be dealt with.   The secret is to continue following the steps until the event or experience becomes like a piece of history that does not affect you emotionally at all.

Keep short accounts

Do not allow any “new” experiences to encroach on your freedom. Apart from cultivating the postive lifestyle I advocated in my previous blog, be careful not to do something you might have to repent of afterwards; deal with any new experiences in the manner described above.  If something arises, try to sort it out as soon as possible with the  other party.  If that proves to be impossible, forgive immediately.

The Word of God on This

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8.32)

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8.36)



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